Boone's Lick Road Association

Mission / Purpose

The Boone’s Lick Road Association (BLRA), incorporated in Missouri in 2011, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is twofold: First, we want to preserve and tell the fascinating stories of the first major road into the heart of Missouri. Secondly, we hope to secure federal recognition of this road as a National Historic Trail. We aim to be the most comprehensive and authoritative source for information and research into this historic trail.

Board of Directors
President: Dorris Keeven-Franke
Vice President: Sarah Coppersmith
Secretary: Janet Watkins
Treasurer: Jerry Prouhet
Director: Bill Jessop
Director: Carolyn Collings
Director: Matthew Harris
Director: Dr. Tim Carson
Director: Lisa Heffernan Weil
Other Board Designations
President Emeritus: David Sapp
Committees & Appointments
Librarians Chair: David Sapp
Membership Chair: Jerry Prouhet
Newsletter Editor: Janet Watkins
Webmaster: David Sapp

Board Members by County

We strive to have board membership represent a range of counties. Some board members are required by our bylaws to be from key counties in east-central Missouri, but board membership is also open to those with strong interest or expertise in the Boone's Lick Road who may live anywhere.
Following shows the county of residence of current board members:
    President Keeven-Franke       St. Charles
    Vice President Coppersmith   St. Louis
    Secretary Watkins                   St. Charles
    Treasurer Prouhet                   Warren
    Director Carson                      Boone
    Director Jessup                       Callaway
    Director Harris                       Montgomery
    Director Weil                          Boone
    Director Collings                    Boone