Boone’s Lick Road Association

Boone’s Lick Road Association


The Boone’s Lick Road, which dates to the early 1800s, stretches across the present St. Charles, Warren, Montgomery, Callaway, Boone and Howard counties of eastern and central Missouri.  Although the road has been largely forgotten in modern times, if St. Louis was the Gateway to the West, then the  Boone’s Lick Road was the way to get there. 

The Boone’s Lick Road began in St. Charles and wound its way to the original Franklin, Missouri, in the center of the state.  In the 1810s thousands of pioneers traveled on it into the new settlement areas of the Louisiana Purchase.  In 1821, the Boone’s Lick Road begat the Santa Fe Trail, which opened the Southwest to trade and exchange.  Settlers and traders who traveled on the other great Western trails, such as the Oregon Trail, traveled first on the Boone’s Lick Road.  In the 20th century, it became the guiding path of U.S. Highway 40 and eventually U.S. Interstate 70 through Missouri.  Click here for a Google Map of the road.

The Boone’s Lick Road Association (BLRA) was incorporated in Missouri in 2011 as a not-for-profit organization with this mission. First, we want to preserve and tell the fascinating stories of the first major road into the heart of Missouri.  Secondly, we hope to secure federal recognition of this road as a National Historic Trail.

We invite you to join us in our quest to uncover the lost history of this road, to help us share the stories of the pioneers who traveled here, and to return this road to part of our national story. 

If St. Louis was the

Gateway to the West, then the Boone’s Lick Road was the way

to get there.

Boone’s Lick Road

Boone’s Lick Road Association


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Membership: You are able to join or renew a Boone’s Lick Road Association Membership online with a credit card using a secure PayPal link. Click HERE to visit our Membership Page.Membership.htmlMembership.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0

We are pleased to announce that BLRA has received 501(c)(3) status as a not-for-profit organization. This federal recognition will allow us to apply for grants and funding, as well as being able to offer a tax deduction for donations made to this organization.